Initial conversation (no charge) Have a conversation over the phone or in person. This would be a time for me to get a brief background of your life and what we might want to cover, for you to understand more about who I am, and, how the process could unfold. One third of the total cost (starting price is $400) is due to secure a date and time for the interview.

Pre-interview In advance of the interview (typically one or two weeks before), we will send you a pre-interview letter which contains some things for you to consider to help prepare for our time together.

Interview On the day(s) of the interview, I will come to your home and figure out where to set up the video camera—oftentimes around a dinner table, home office, or a favorite chair. Conversations don’t last more than two hours, and breaks are taken depending upon individual need and preference. I will seek to guide the conversation so that all the topics that we discussed in the pre-interview segment are covered.

Post-interview Once our conversation is finished I will go back home and edit as necessary and then put onto a DVD. This may take up to two months from the time of the interview. The final piece will be mailed or emailed depending upon your request. Upon delivery a final invoice of the the remaining payment (2/3 of the total) will be issued.