Why do I need you to do this? Can’t I just write down or record myself talking? You most definitely do not need someone with you to record your stories. The advantage of having an interviewer is that some people have a hard time knowing where to begin, and how to structure their stories. By having someone there that can help spur the conversation with thoughtful questions, the story can be recorded much more completely and easily.

Is this the same as genealogical research? Genealogical research is very focused on one's ancestors and getting names, dates, and places recorded and finding how people are linked together. Personal history sometimes covers that, but it is more interested in getting the stories of the people. 

Can I gift this service to someone? Most definitely. This can be one of those few gifts that grow with value over time. It can also be given as a group (e.g. three siblings go together and split the costs). How the gifting works is that the gifter contacts us to discuss what you are looking for in terms of a customized package, and then provides contact information for who they want to have interviewed. Dakota Prairie Media will then contact that individual to make sure they are up for it and then will arrange a time for the interview and other pre-interview activities. 

Can more than one person be recorded at a time? Generally not. Exceptions may be able to be made on a case-by-case, but it has been found to produce better results when only one person is being interviewed at a time.

What should I wear for my interview? Wear what makes you feel comfortable and suits your personality. That can be anything from a suit and tie to your outside work clothes.

How do I prepare for my interview? After booking the interview, Dakota Prairie Media will give you more guidance as to how to prepare for the interview. In the meantime, here are some other good suggestions to keep in mind.

Is there financial assistance available if this is something that I cannot afford? We do not want anyone to feel that cost is the sole barrier to getting this completed. If the cost of a basic interview is too much at this time, let us know and we will see what we can work out.

Do you video-record weddings? No, that isn't our expertise.

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