7 (Bad) Reasons to Delay a Video Memoir

Last month we discussed 8 good reasons to preserve your family stories with a video memoir. Well to take a look from the other perspective, here are 7 bad reasons (debunked) that someone may use to delay this important endeavor:

My grandpa's friends making their own fun in the 1930/1940s.

My grandpa's friends making their own fun in the 1930/1940s.

1.      No one will think my life is interesting. That simply isn’t true. Everyone has a unique story about how they came to be who they are today. How hard is it for a kid today to understand what life was like before internet, telephone and electricity? It is fascinating to think about how quickly technology can transform how we interact with one another, so let’s get recorded the way things used to be and let the future listener decide how terrible or great life must have been back then.

2.     It’s not my style to do something like this. We people from the plains are known for being reserved and that can be good at times—as we don’t get our feet stuck in our mouths as often, but at other times, it may get in the way of doing something important like this. About 10 years ago, my grandfather spent hours and hours writing context/names on the backs of old pictures. If he hadn’t done it, the pictures would now have much less meaning to me and my family. A video memoir is another encompassing way to help pass down stories that otherwise may be forever lost.

3.     I’m too busy. A morning or afternoon is all it takes for a basic interview.

4.     I won't remember everything. After an interview, I've had people tell me, "Boy, once we started talking, the memories really started to come back." As the interview is rolling, if we are finding that there are areas that are too distant a memory to be recalled, we will focus on what you do remember and want to have preserved.

5.     I’ve made mistakes in my past. Who hasn’t? Every good character in a story makes mistakes and real life is no different. The question is, did we learn from our mistakes? We can talk about that on video if you want, or we can just skip over areas too—there isn’t enough time to cover all aspects of everyone’s life, so we will pick and choose what areas to cover in the pre-interview process.

6.     It’s too expensive. A basic up-to-2 hour interview costs $400 plus mileage. I realize that that amount is nothing to sneeze at. But if you look at what people pay for wedding pictures and videos, this is likely much less, and it helps preserve a lifetime of memories and not just a specific day. Additionally to keep the costs manageable, are there other family members/friends who may be interested in splitting the cost? Whatever your budget is (even if it is zero) let me know, and we will seek to find something that will be meaningful.

7.     I’ve always got tomorrow. It is easy to put things like this off for another day, but there comes a day—and we don’t know when that day is—that it is too late. So, don’t delay!

 We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have, provide a complimentary no-obligations consultation, or book an appointment with you. Video memoirs make a great gift!