Sharing His Story

In his 50s Ralph Moody wrote an account of his pre-teen years where he and his family had just moved to start a ranch in Colorado in the early 1900s.  He recounts some of the trials and triumphs (though financially it was mostly trials) of their experiences. As the oldest son, he spent much of his time with his father doing ranch work. While working, his father often turned their situations into life lessons, using both word and deed.  


Ralph and his dad had a good relationship and the story shows what startup ranch life was like for many others at that time. Towards the end of the book Ralph recounts “…our best Christmases were the ones when we were the poorest.” Oftentimes people don’t have that insight into their lives until they’ve lived a little more. That insight is valuable both for the person realizing it and for those of us who get to hear it.

A video memoir can help one record some life experiences and lessons just like Ralph’s. While some prefer the writing process, many others may not have the time, patience or skill to put pen to paper and write and re-write. If you or someone you know fall into that category, a video memoir can be a nice alternative. I’d be happy to help you navigate the waters to see what might work best for your situation.

Ralph said this regarding why he wanted to record his stories: "My goal in writing is to leave a record of the rural way of life in this country during the early part of the 20th century, and to point up the values of the era which I feel that we, as a people, are letting slip away from us." Source: 1

The book is called Little Britches: Father and I Were Ranchers, and if you are into these kinds of stories, I'd heartily recommend it.