8 Reasons to Preserve Your Stories with a Video Memoir

Has anyone ever said to you, “Boy I sure wish we had some of your stories recorded…times sure have changed since you were a kid”? Well you might just be a good candidate to use our video memoir services here at Dakota Prairie Media.  Still need more convincing? Well, here are 8 reasons why recording a video memoir is a good idea:

1. It isn’t hard or time consuming and yet you get something that will be of increasing value to current and future generations. Video memoirs don’t require skill in writing stories or a lot of time. It can take as little as a morning or an afternoon of your time with an interviewer guiding the conversation with deliberate questions, and can be a way to have at least some of your stories preserved.

2. It gives you a chance to review your life from 40,000 feet. Sometimes it is easy to let life pass us by with our head to the grindstone. We can go from our growing up years into adulthood without ever stopping to think about what pivotal moments helped shape us into who we are today. The interview may help you to process that a little.

3. Video allows for more personality. You know the saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words” well, with video, people get to hear your voice, see your face and notice your mannerisms. Priceless.  

4. Have a chance to talk about the lessons learned in the ‘good old days.’ Today’s generation likely has it quite different than what you did. This provides an opportunity to tell us your experiences, how they shaped you, and the lessons you learned because of them. Remembering where we came from is important.


5. It isn’t going to be a completely exhaustive look at your life. While everyone’s life is made up of different high points and low points, we won’t have time to cover all of them, so if you have areas that you don’t want to have included, we won’t include them.  

6. Help provide a link between generations. By connecting with family from different generations it helps everyone see themselves more as a part of a whole—both to the family but also to the connections with the history of where they live. Some things like the experience of taking a leap of faith into the unknown don’t change among the generations, while other things may change dramatically like technology. By recording your stories people will get a chance to see how their experiences may be similar and/or different.

7. It saves others from the regret of not having the stories recorded. How many wish they could go back in time to hear their mother’s voice or grandfather’s laughter, or maybe learn more about that eccentric and elusive great aunt that no one ever knew much about? Well, now’s your chance, get yours recorded before it is too late.

8. It makes a great gift! Struggling with gift ideas? How about a gift that signifies the importance of where you came from? Gifting your video memoir, as well as gifting the service to someone are great ways to have something that grows with value over time.



Still have questions? Take a look around the website-- especially the sample video clips, and/or contact us directly.